Emily Eldredge


At the tender age of 3, Emily Eldredge already starting to show signs of becoming an aspiring hairstylist: upon her parents return from an evening out, Emily surprised them with a "new look" for her older brother with the assistance of the kitchen shears. And boy, were they surprised!

Emily was raised in the Midwest in a small suburb outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. Wanting to be in a warmer climate, she applied to schools throughout Florida and chose to attend Florida State University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology/Law, Emily moved back home to take some time off before entering law school. During that time, Emily did a lot of soul searching and thinking about her future. "I felt Law was not for me. I knew I wanted to do something where I would have more direct interaction with people." Emily began looking into other career options and quickly discovered that cosmetology was something that she was passionate about. "From the first moments I entered the beauty realm, I was overwhelmed with excitement and fascinations of being involved in a career that fit with who I am." Emily enrolled in the Aveda Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she quickly excelled and finished at the top of her class. She then relocated to Naples to start her career. After interviewing with numerous salons throughout Southern Florida, the opportunity of working with renowned stylists and learning from some of the best in the industry arose at ncolor {salon + boutique2}. "I immediately knew this was the place for me. The salon had the notoriety and rigorous training that I knew would allow me to grow and become a leader as well." It quickly showed that Emily had a talent for hair.

"I have the ability to analyze each client's specific needs and lifestyle to customize a look that will work for them." She explains that she works with every client to teach them how to replace their hair at home. "I show my clients how to maintain their style at home. While you're in my chair I will give you hands-on experience so you can always feel like you just left the salon."

Emily is also very up to date on product knowledge. "Your hair is your biggest accessory. I am passionate about your hair looking good and I will make sure you have the right products to do so." Emily is also our resident extension specialist. "As someone who has been challenged with fine hair, I know how frustrating fine hair can be. With the help of extensions, I can now have styles - short and long that I never thought possible. From filling in sides to create a fashionable bob to adding length and density to someone with naturally fine hair that wants a long, full "red carpet" look, extensions create endless possibilities.

It is quite obvious by watching Emily behind the chair that she has made the right career decision. She looks at home in the salon and enjoys being at work, although she doesn't see it as work. When asked what she does outside of the salon she had one answer, "I like to spend time with my little princess, Khloe, a Cavalier King Charles."