Gary Harlan

owner, master colorist

"With over 25 years of experience and providing over 2500 color services per year to clients, there isn't much I haven't seen. I've traveled the world teaching hair color, design and salon business practices, and continue to learn from the industry's best. Communication with clients is one of my best strengths. If you are frustrated and looking for solutions, I look forward to helping you."

Gary discovered Naples, Florida when he was attending an educational event at the Ritz Carlton over 15 years ago. As he watched the sunrise the day he was departing he said, "Someday I will be here in Florida." It took three years for that dream to become a reality.

"I love the diversity of the people here: so many people from different walks of life, entrepreneurs and individuals that have taken chances in life and have a thirst for a great lifestyle. For the past 15 years, I had been traveling through the world teaching and consulting in the salon industry. There was a great demand for a high quality salon that was a city experience: something not available in the Naples area. It was the perfect business opportunity. I could still occasionally consult and continue my career and live in paradise at the same time."

It is evident that Gary loves what he does. Less than 1% of people in the salon industry are still mastering their craft after 15 years and Gary has for over 25 years. "I feel I have more of an appreciation to be able to do hair now than ever. Someone once told me that if you find something in life you love to do you'll never have to work a day in your life… and I found it! I have a lot of fun at what I do but I take my responsibilities with my clients very seriously."

Gary believes nothing can improve a person's appearance as much as a great hair color and hair design. During your consultation for determining the perfect hair color, factors like what is achievable, maintainable and what shade of hair color is going to compliment the skin tone are discussed. Gary believes that beautifully conditioned hair is an essential billboard. "Investing in your hair is the single most affordable luxury in improving your appearance and feeling great about yourself. Keeping balance in one's life is critical to success and happiness. Color, shape and texture are all around us to be appreciated, observed and learned from”.

Whether Gary is walking outside his home on the beach or walking the streets of New York, the world around his life is full of experiences he can learn from. "On a trip to the Scandinavian countries I probably learned more about blonde hair color than any blonde color class I've ever attended. I have never seen so many incredible naturally blonde hair colors. Observing the placement and the dimension of the hair color was amazing." When a client looks in the mirror and says, "My hair has never looked better," Gary says it can be all summed up in one word: "Magical".