Lisa Saxton


With a love for the world of art and fashion, Lisa Saxton’s career began over 26 years ago as an apprentice to a family friend who owned a very successful salon near Boston, MA. After a two year apprenticeship she spent the next ten years as a colorist to three of the designers in that salon. She had embarked on what has been an amazing ride to date.

Lisa relocated to Florida and decided she would incorporate being a hair designer as well as a colorist to diversify services to her devoted clients. She grew to learn there are many different opportunities in the hair industry and her opportunity of choice was quickly evident to her early on: to provide the highest level of service she was capable of and seek an environment that supports and shares the same principles as herself. She been fortunate enough to have found just that.

“It is tremendously exciting for me to continue enjoying growth and passion for our industry every day. Imagine creating a new painting from a palette you have customized or sculpting a new shape from a design you have visualized - we get to do this every day! The best reward by far is to hear a client say they love the way they look”.

Lisa has traveled to New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto seeking educational opportunities. She has experienced apprenticeship to senior salon stylists and educators and loves that the opportunity to teach, learn and grow never stops. “Beauty and fashion continue to evolve in the form of shape, color and texture and it is our responsibility as stylists to evolve with it. This is why my passion for this business continues to date.”

“To be able to offer a one-on-one time to our deserving clients and create a personalized design for them is about as rewarding as it gets. These are the reasons I continue to love what I do. I strive to be better every day professionally as well as personally, a balance of both is imperative to provide clients the best of the best I have to offer. As long as our industry continues to deliver, I am passionate about continuing to perform. I have found the perfect balance and for that I am grateful”.

Lisa enjoys many of the amenities that living in Naples, Florida has to offer. One of her particular favorites is a gorgeous day of boating on the Gulf of Mexico. She also has a passion for drawing, painting, attending local theater, entertaining friends and traveling as often as her schedule allows. Having also successfully raised one child she is very proud of her accomplishments. Living in Florida also serves a particular purpose for Lisa and her family, to "stop and smell the roses." This was her goal and she is happy to say that they have done just that.